Let’s presume there is an alien race out there, hidden somewhere in the Solar System, keeping its eyes – sensors, antennae, whatever – pointed at us constantly to find out as much as they can about our civilization. Let’s also presume that the main source of their information is both the traditional broadcasting media – TV channels, radios, and such – and the internet that they keep analyzing constantly thanks to their superior technical or mental skills. Do you think they are laughing at us right now? Well, they probably are. And they have many reasons to do so.

The internet

The internet has done wonders for our world, connecting people from different cultures, different backgrounds, and different areas of the world, allowing them to share information, be entertained with music, clips, and games at https://www.redflushcasino.com/ and beyond. Overall, it is a marvelous invention capable of promoting education, knowledge, and understanding among humans. And how do we use it?

The internet is filled with individuals that promote fake news instead of correctly informing their leaders. The internet is filled with individuals rejecting facts backed by scientific evidence and promoting false information. The internet is filled with individuals that knowingly promote beliefs that are detrimental to the health of their followers. This ridicules the very purpose of the internet – and it sure makes us the laughing stock of aliens watching us from above.

Fossil fuels

There was a time when humanity has relied on fossil fuels as its sole source of energy. We used coal for heating and later – combined with water vapors – to propel our vehicles, and this allowed us to cover greater distances in shorter times than animal traction. Even later, we discovered petroleum that we distilled and used in all of our vehicles – and this to the brink of completely destroying our climate. This in spite technology reaching a point where the most abundant renewable energy sources – solar rays and the wind – became available. Yet we still base our economy on fossil fuels – oil prices are perhaps the main factor that decides the cost of our everyday living – and mostly ignore the other options that are better, cleaner, and healthier.


While the Bible is not the only source of wisdom we have at hand, it does have quite a few passages to live by. One of them is 1 Timothy 6:10 that states that “the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil”. Humanity has done some truly horrible things in the name of profit, ranging from slavery, exploitation, wars, assassinations, and the list could go on forever.

Watching our society’s hunger for profits would be strange at best – hilarious at worst – for a more advanced civilization.

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